Friday, 2 September 2011

Skull Scarf Maniac

I haven't done much shopping at all this month, as I'm trying to save my money for when I go to Cyprus next Saturday. But there is one thing I'm gone a little made on buying recently, and that is scarfs. 

I already had a black and pink skull print scarf from about 3 years ago, but I just want more. I wear my skull scarf at least ones a week, so I decided having it in more colours would be a great idea :). I also got a couple of necklace from Topman from the sale, I think they are pretty cute for mens jewellery, and I also got the leopard print scarf from H&M and its massive, so much fabric. It will be so nice and cosy for the winter days ahead.

What are you girlies buying at the moment? Can you ever have to much of one thing? ;)


1 comment:

  1. Adore everything youve bought here! Dont think you can EVER have too much of a good thing :) xx
    George |