Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lip Venom

I really can't explain how much I love this product. I purchased it a little while ago from ASOS, and fell in love with it straight away. It's a lovely product, the scent of the lip gloss is cinnamon and it also add's a gorgeous sparkle to your lips. It look's even more gorgeous over the top of a bright colour lipstick too.

The only downside I have found with this product is you don't get much of it at all, a lousy 3.5ml, which for £15 is just a little shocking. Though saying that, I love this product that much no doubt I will be re-purchasing it as soon as I have ran out. Plus it comes in some many different tints and finishes, I just want to try them all.

Have you used any of the Duwop Lip Venom's? What one is your favourite? 


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just a few NY Resolutions

One of my first new year resolutions is to act more like a lady. Yes I know this is a weird one, but when with my ladies we like to play up and be loud. This often involves me getting certain objects and pretending I have a penis, and saying "WHAYY" way to loudly. So this year, I would like to be more of a girl.

Another one of my new year resolutions is to save money, last year I was terrible, buying lots of stuff I don't need, and I have never used. I want to be more sensible on what I spend my money on, and would also like to pay of my cards. 

This is a funny kind of resolution, but this year I do not want to get in a relationship, I have been in a relationship constantly for the last four years, bar one month between break up, and sticked with it even thought I was not happy, just so I had a boyfriend. Now I think about it, what is the point in being in a unhappy relationship, when I can just have fun and spend more time with my friends. Simple.

This is my most important resolution, and the one I am going to try my hardest to stick to. Is to eat more healthy and lose weight. I've said for the last few years I will do this, but never have, and I feel if I don't actually do it this year, I am never going to. So fingers crossed.

Last but not least is to attend more gigs/shows, last year I hardly went to any compared to the year before. As I will be saving money from buying utter shit, I will hopefully be able to put it toward going to many more shows. I have already got a few planned with my babe Victoria, so I am pretty excited for that.

What are your New Year Resolutions this year? 


Pictures are all taken from weheartit.com

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What in my bag?

So after debating on what to blog about today, I thought I might give the 'Whats in your bag?' post a go, as I have never done it before. At the moment I am using my bright pink Marc B bag which I got from ASOS a long time ago. I tend to use this bag when I know I'm going to be wearing a lot of black, just to make things a little bit brighter.

As you can see I haven't got too much in this bag, as I had to clear it out for going to London the other day with my babe Chloe. The top thing that I carry all the time with me is my purse, which is buy Loungefly. The next thing would have to be my phone, I would simply feel lost if I didn't have my phone on me, I also like to carry my diary around with me, as I have a terrible memory, so often forget what day it is, let alone what I need to do. Make up wise, I don't actually carry much with me in the day, as i don't touch up my make up, unless I'm on a night out. The only things I do carry as you can see is my MAC Matt lipstick in Please Me and my DuWop Lip Venom. I also could not go out without having my lip balm, as I am a self confessed addict. Oh and of course my Fendi Perfume, as I just love it a little too much.

Other essentials I like to carry are tissues just incase, paracetamol and cold tablets. As for the big plastic tub, that is full to the brim with Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds, this is because I am on a little health kick, so if I'm feeling peckish I snack on these badboys. Last but not least, I also tend to carry my headphones around with me too, when out or at uni, I listen to my iPhone quite a lot, so couldn't live without these.

What are your must haves in your bag?


Monday, 2 January 2012

Let's have some Cremesheen

Speed Dial and Creme D'Nude

After getting a MAC gift voucher for my birthday from Megan, Chloe and Lauren, I decided I really needed wanted is a nude coloured lipstick. I had heard things about Creme D'Nude before but wasn't actually planning on picking this one as I wanted one that wasn't as popular. Then on chatting to the MUA in MAC I come to the conclusion that I should go with more of a Sheen look rather then a Matt, just so it doesn't look like I've just covered my lips in foundation, lets be honest, that is not a good look. Now after buying Creme D'Nude, I am now in love. Its a really nice neutral tone with a great shine to it, and looks gorgeous with my new DuWop Lip Venom over the top.

As for Speed Dial, this was purchased when I went on holiday but I never got round to swatching it for you guys. Its a lovely shade of pink, again with a gorgeous sheen to it.

Whats your favourite MAC shade?