Monday, 19 September 2011

Wild in Cyprus

Heres a few of my holiday snaps for you lovely lot. As you guess I went to Cyprus last Saturday for the week, and got back early yesterday morning. It was mega hot when we was there, but I'm not a great lover of the heat so I spent majority of it in the pool. We stayed in Coral Bay in a cute little villa complex, and was about 20 minute drive from Pathos. 

The one great thing about going abroad is all the cheap fakes they do, got my mitts on a few lovely bits (which I will show in another post). Oh and not to mention duty free :).

How has everyones week been? Also hope all you new starters at uni are getting along great :)



  1. My dad's in Cyprus at the moment but I've never been although it looks lovely! :) xx

  2. Awh it's a really lovely place, you should defiantly make a visit :D xo