Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just a 'Juicy Peach'

This is just a little post dedicated to one of my favourite blushes, it's by the brand GOSH and its called 'Juicy Peach' number 41. As you can see it has broken from being in my bag, and I'm desperately trying to keep it together cause I don't want to throw it away. GOSH is one of the best high street brand about in my opinion, the prices are great for the products they sell. I can't wait to purchase more products from GOSH, and I will defiantly be getting more of there natural blushes.

Whats do you think of the GOSH range? Are you as impressed as me?


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What a load of Concrete!

With Flash

Without Flash

I recently bought a gift pack of Models Own nail varnishes from ASOS in the sale. The pack was a bargain at only £5.00 and come with Concrete Mixer, Nyla Nude and Beths Blue. This is just showing you the shade Concrete Mixer. Models Own has to be my favourite brand of nail varnish at the moment, I feel like it lasts a long time without chipping, and they also have a great selection of colours.

Whats your favourite brand of nail varnish? or even shade of Models Own? :D


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sleek's Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette - 'Storm"

This is some quick swatches of the Sleek Palette in 'Storm', this is honestly my favourite eyeshadow palette I have ever owned. The colours are gorgeous and have such depth. The Sleek eyeshadows are also great consistency and ever so easy to blend, I love that they also come with a huge mirror inside the top, which is great for creating detailed eyes. I would really recommend the Sleek Palettes as they are such great value for money too.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Bournemouth Getaway - A little picture heavy

So as your lovely lot know I went away last week to Bournemouth with my fella. We left on the Tuesday afternoon at around 3pm, we went straight to the hotel to check in and unload all of our belongings. Then we just chilled out for a bit before getting dolled up and going in to the town centre. The first night we went to Las Tasca for dinner, which was lovely, it always is there. After dinner we had a little wonder through the gardens and along the seafront, I must say that is one thing I really miss about living in Bournemouth, its such a pretty place and so relaxing there. 

On the second day we went into Bournemouth town centre to have a nose round the shops and we went to see Harry Potter. We had subway for lunch that day so wasn't in the mood for a meal out in the evening so we got some crisps and went back to the hotel for a lazy night in. Then on the Thursday we got up early to check out our hotel, as I booked a seafront one for the last night so we could enjoy being close to everything. 

As we couldn't check in until 3pm I drove us to Boscombe to try and find a comic book shop George wanted to go to. It was so weird wondering round my old hometown, I had to go visit my out house too, just to see how much it had changed. After that we went and checked into our hotel and wondered down to the seafront to go to the Aquarium, which really wasn't as good as I thought it would have been. After that we went for a walk down the pier and the seafront. Then went to Wagamama's for dinner. 

Over all it was an alright holiday, the weather could have been better though, but I won't be rushing back to Bournemouth anytime soon. :)


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Primark Make-Up Haul

When going in Primark the other day they had a lot of there make-up reduced to just £1 each, as I had never tried any of Primarks's make-up before, I thought it was the ideal time to grab a few bits and see what its like. 

After messing about with the products I found out a couple of them worked really well and a couple didn't. I must say I wasn't impressed with the Blend & Stretch eyeshadows, as they was not very pigmented and also not very soft, so the colour wouldn't blend much at all.

I personal think the Shimmer and Glow and the Little Glow Cheek, worked really well, they are great bronzers both this added shimmer, plus they look pretty too. Also last but not least the GLIT which is a cream based gold eyeshadow. Its a really soft cream so blends across the eyelid perfectly, it also last a long time to and stays in place. 


Day Late Saturday Portrait

Hello you lovely lot, just a little catch up on my week. As you know my boyfriend came down on Monday and we went to Bournemouth for a few nights on the Tuesday. The weather wasn't as nice as it could have been, but nothing I could have done about that. I will do a holiday post tomorrow so you can have a nose of what I was up to.

Other then that I haven't really been up to much, got back on Friday and just chilled out. Then I worked all day yesterday and went out in the evening with a few friends, was nice to just drink and chill out. As Lauren and Julian stayed last night too we just chilled out this morning watching a movie, then once they left I've done a little tidying and then done some swatches for later this week of some new products I've bought.

I hope you lot have had a lovely weekend too, ready to get back to reality tomorrow :)


Oxford Botanical Gardens

A few weeks ago I got to finish work early so my parents came to meet me and took me to the Oxford Botanical Gardens, which after living in Oxford for over 7 years I had still not visited it. I was a little let down about how many plants they had on show, maybe was just visiting at the wrong time of the year :).

Neither the less I took some pictures of the plants they had to offer, and here are a selection, hope you enjoy.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Make-Up Academy Mini Haul

A while ago I bought a couple of make-up products from Make Up Academy, I hadn't seen any reviews of there products so I thought I would give them a try. I bought there mouse foundation in medium and their pink blush. This is the first time i've actually tested them, and I am still yet to actually test them out properly. 

The blush was more high pigmented then I thought it would have been and as for the foundation I also feel it has a better substance then I thought it would too. Like I said I am yet to try them out properly but so far they seem like pretty good products for the price that you pay.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mac Matt Lipstick in 'Please Me'

Last month I bought this Mac lipstick in Matt 'Please Me'. I've wanted this shade for a while but every time I went to buy it the counter was out of stock, luckily the other day on one of  Debenhams event days they had this beauty in stock and with an extra 10% off :). Its a beautiful cream rose kind of colour, and looks perfect on the lips for a natural day look. Mac lipsticks are also very moisturising in comparison to some other high branded lipsticks, also the colour last a long time so only have to re-apply once or twice in the day.

I also got my hands on the Fix spray, which is meant to keep your make up in place all day, and it does. Its a great product and work the £12.50 as your get some much too.

Hope everyones having a lovely week, yet again this is a scheduled post as I'm still away with my fella.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Wild with my Fisheye

This is just a quick scheduled post as I am away on holiday in Bournemouth, but still wanted to keep your guys amused :)

A little while ago I purchased a cheap Fisheye lens to fit on to my Canon 1000D, and I must say now I just love using it, creates such a good effect and on a night out is very flattering.

These are just a few snaps of some make up I've got, as you could tell I was very bored which equaled me taking these photos 


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week in Photos

Like last week this week has also been busy, I must say working full time again is just so tiring, specially dealing with people 24/7 hah. Other then working I really haven't done much this week, been blogging quite a bit and attempting to network a little with fellow bloggers, but it is a lot harder then it sounds.

I have also organised my draws a little as you can see from one o the photos above, I recently bought some draw organisers from a local household shop, and decided to properly organised my undergarments haha, its just looks so cute now all organised, I did try and sort them to colours but I doubt that will last long at all.

Also got a few new nail varnishes which I will show you properly when I get the chance, but I've just been messing about with them, trying to do some new effects/designs for my nails.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Saturday Portrait

So today has been eventful, I wasn't very well last night and I have come down with a virus. Which means today I didn't go into work, and instead rested. I was feeling dizzy and my head felt extra heavy this morning, slowly through the day I've gotten better, with the support of some medication that is.

Earlier I was feeling pretty gross so I done my first make up tutorial, that is the reason while I have a full face of make up in this photo :).

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend so far :)


Steal Kelly O's Style

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

For my first 'Steal their Style' I am going to attempt Kelly Osbourne, since a young age I've had a girl crush on KellyO and her style, even back in her 'Shut Up' days, I still thought she was amazing. So I just thought she would be the best person to do my first one on, as recently she had become more high profile for her style and individuality. 

These are just a handful of the images I had stored on my Mac of Kelly's outfits. The top there outfits I think would suit more of a 'Going Out' theme, while the bottom three are more 'Day Outfits'. I really love the bottom three outfits she is wearing, and as its Festival season I thought they would be great outfits just for that.

I have put together the bottom three outfits using clothing from various sites, and I have also linked all items in number format to where you can buy them. I hope you enjoy :)