Thursday, 8 September 2011

All I see are bags

So I'm going to be really naughty and buy a new bag for when I go back to uni in a few weeks, I know in all honestly you can never have enough bags. I'm just finding it really hard to choose what one. these are the five I am trying to decide on, the top three are River Island and the bottom two are ASOS.

The one I am swaying towards is the middle River Island one, its only £30.00 and its also a great size for cramming all my uni work in. Plus I don't own anything with the Dalmatian Print on, and its going to be a key print for A/W.

What do you guys think? Which one would you get?



  1. Ooh I do love a good bag post! :) I think you should go for the second ASOS one is GORGEOUS.
    George |

  2. The two ASOS one are looooovely, especially the second. Although that dalmatian one is lovely too! Hard to choose! I think I'd go with the second ASOS one x

  3. I went with the Dalmatian print one in the end :) I might order the ASOS one too, can never have too many bags ;) xo

  4. Oh I love them all!
    The 3rd one is prob my fav tho :)

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  5. Oh my god I want them all. Maybe favouring the third on the top but they are all gorgeous!