Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lush Virgin

Yes you guessed it, I was a Lush virgin until yesterday. I never really bothered to go in there, as I thought the smell would give me a headache, and plus I never really knew anyone who used it so I didn't know what to expect. I was very pleased with my first Lush experience, the staff we're lovely, and full of information on bits to buy, you can see that as I only really went in to purchase the Bubblegum lip scrub and I ended up coming out with a couple more bits.

I was so excited to have a nice deep bath this evening using the Avobath which I got yesterday, it has a menthol kind of scent and its just yummy. To my surprise too it left no grit at the bottom of my bath, which I find a lot of bath bombs tend to do. I'm now just a little to excited for my next bath so I can use my Bath Melt, as it just smells glorious.

Can anyone else recommend some other Lush products? As I can't wait to go and purchase some more :)



  1. I love bath bombs :) they are so fun to watch haha :D xx

  2. Yeah, I was like a little kid watching it fuzz up :D xo

  3. Ooh, you've been mangoed is my favourite bath melt :) Is the lip scrub good? I wanna try it! xxo

  4. Yeah, its so yummy, tbh its like bugglegum flavoured sugar :) does work really well though, so I totally recommend xo

  5. I bet they smell so goodd :) I have never been to lush because of the same reason as your hahah
    i love watching them fizz hahah

  6. the bubblegum lip scrub is fab... love it ♥

  7. Twilight bath bomb! it smells amazing, and is the most entertaining thing to watch haha:) X

  8. @ Faye - It's lovely isn't it, I swear I'm addicted now haha xo

    @ iheartmexo - You need to go in, :) got over my headache fear xo

    @ Kris - I so agree :) xo

    @ Billie - Ohh thanks for the recommendation, I'm so going to pop in tomorrow and check it out :) xo