Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just a few NY Resolutions

One of my first new year resolutions is to act more like a lady. Yes I know this is a weird one, but when with my ladies we like to play up and be loud. This often involves me getting certain objects and pretending I have a penis, and saying "WHAYY" way to loudly. So this year, I would like to be more of a girl.

Another one of my new year resolutions is to save money, last year I was terrible, buying lots of stuff I don't need, and I have never used. I want to be more sensible on what I spend my money on, and would also like to pay of my cards. 

This is a funny kind of resolution, but this year I do not want to get in a relationship, I have been in a relationship constantly for the last four years, bar one month between break up, and sticked with it even thought I was not happy, just so I had a boyfriend. Now I think about it, what is the point in being in a unhappy relationship, when I can just have fun and spend more time with my friends. Simple.

This is my most important resolution, and the one I am going to try my hardest to stick to. Is to eat more healthy and lose weight. I've said for the last few years I will do this, but never have, and I feel if I don't actually do it this year, I am never going to. So fingers crossed.

Last but not least is to attend more gigs/shows, last year I hardly went to any compared to the year before. As I will be saving money from buying utter shit, I will hopefully be able to put it toward going to many more shows. I have already got a few planned with my babe Victoria, so I am pretty excited for that.

What are your New Year Resolutions this year? 


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  1. I love these resolutions! The being more ladylike is definitely one I could take some inspiration from, and I'd love to see more bands too xxx

  2. aww, I'm 100% with you on the healthy eating and loosing weight. we'll have to motivate each other to keep going! xo

  3. @Helen - Haha I thought I would think a little more outside the box this year :P xo

    @Hannah - That is a deal babe, even though you don't bloody need to :) xo

  4. love these resolutions, i thought the first was hilarious! i do that too though hahahah xxx

  5. Hahah it's a terrible habit isn't it :P I'm glad there are other girls like me out there :P xo

  6. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award :)

  7. Great resolutions! I really need to stop spending money on pointless things i don't use too!