Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day of the Dead

After seeing these beauties on I couldn't wait to pop in a get a couple of bits. I was only going to get one of the bath bombs but after a natter to the shop assistant I ended up getting some of the Lady Catrina soap to try too. The sent of the halloween collection is just amazing, smells of lime and lemon which is just so refreshing, and as you can tell I am extremely excited to have a nice relaxing bath with these goodies this evening.

While I was in Lush too, I had a gander at the Christmas collection, but there is just so much of it I just can't decided what ones to try, so I defiantly recommend having a nose in there at the moment, so many lovely new products to try.



  1. Ahh my nearest lush store is nearly 2 hours away! :(

    The halloween collection looks amazing.

  2. Awh that sucks, you could order offline theres so many more goodies that way too :) xo

  3. ee, these look amazing! love the sound of the lemon & lime smell too. hope you have a nice bath, hahah! xo

  4. ahhh those are soo cool! definately gonna be buying some on pay day! especially the skullduggery xxx

  5. @ Beth- The citrus scent is just so lovely, so was my bath :) makes your skin extra soft too :D xo

    @ Sophie- Yes deffo go and invest in one, so worth it
    :) xo

  6. You'll love the Skulduggery bath bomb! I bought it the other day and am going to do a post on it tomorrow. It smells sooooo amazing, does it not?! xxxx

  7. they all look amazing, I haven't been to Lush in a while, I always end up wanting it all! I bet the Christmas stuff is great! xxx