Thursday, 6 October 2011

Beetle Juice!

Yet again I have gone nearly a week without blogging. Never knew my second year at uni would start off so mental, as with working and trying to see friends too, I'm just shattered. I did have a lovely weekend though, a few friends and I went out down Cowley Road and then come back to mine, then we had a picnic in the garden on saturday and watch movies. 

As for today I went into uni for the morning, when I sketched the drawings above. Then was told I needed more things to draw in which go with my concept and a load of other things, which confused me. So in the end I've come home bought some dvd's and I am now have a snuggle in bed watching 'She's out of my League' .

What have you lot been up to this week? Also recommend me some good movies to buy, i'm running out of ideas :)


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