Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It's all about the blush

MUA - Shade 6, Sleek Blush in Pomegranate, Mac Shimmer Tone Blush in Breezy 

I only realised the other day while applying my MAC blusher that it was quite similar to a couple of others that I had purchased the last couple of months. The first one I find is quite similar to is Shade 6 from the MUA range, retailing at only £1.00. This shade is  a little darker and more pink undertones then MAC's Breezy, but for a fraction of the price you can't really complain. The other blush that comes up close to MAC's is Sleeks blush in Pomegranate, this yet again had slightly more pink undertones then Breezy and yet again compared to MACs price of £17.00, the sleek blush comes in at a dead cheap £4.99. 

Even though each of these blushes are great shades and two are extreme bargians I would really recommend the MAC one, as they are just amazing, they have a great shimmer to them and also last all day.

What other brands do you recommend? 

So as you can tell I've been back to blogging a bit more recently, and I blame being very ill. I've been to the doctors twice already this week, and not to uni at all. One of the good things about being ill and off uni is spending my days with these little buggers, they look after me and give me cuddles to make me better. 



  1. they're all really nice colours, i haven't got any like these (yet!). hope you're feeling better, i've been ill too. your little dogs are so cute- my jack russell hasn't been so happy with my moaning haha!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  2. I've never used the MUA Blush but it looks amazing!

    LoveFaye xoxo