Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Emerald City

This is just a little post to show you my new nail varnish addiction, it is the gorgeous Emerald City by Models Own. I was after this a while ago when Models Own had there 50% off sale, but it was unfortunately sold out. After waiting what seems like ages I finally got it on ASOS as they was doing 20% off so it was a bargain at just £4.00.

I just love how thick the glitter is in this polish, it's all I've been wearing since it popped through the post box. I have used Top Turquoise by Models own as a base coat so that the colour is more vivid. Another great thing about glitter polishes is that it is so hard for them to chip. The only bad thing is it is a nightmare to get off, as you get covered in glitter afterwards.

Whats your favourite nail craze? or got any great tips of getting the glitter off hassle free?



  1. Such a gorgeous glitter shade! Wish i'd had bought some when they were 50% off, that was such a great deal.

    Ive seen a few posts lately about getting glitter polishes off, i havent tried it but most of them were like; soak cotton wool in polish remover, wrap it around the nail and then wrap it with tin foil and rub as you usually would to remove the polish!

  2. i love it! such a pain to get off though. i really wanted disco mix when they had the 50% off sale :( xx

  3. Love all your models own posts, they are by far my fave nailvarnish. Every time you post I just get the urge to go buy more!! xxx

  4. @Zoe - Yeah it was such a great sale, just too many to decide from :). Ooh I'm going to try that, I have a little phobia of cotton wool though, end up using flannels to remove my nail varnish haha xo

    @Klee - Its gorgeous isn't it, I'm a little obbsessed with it ;) Yeah same I got Purple Haze and Bluebelle in the sale and on top of each other it looks pretty similar to Disco Mix xo

    @Sarah - Awh thanks babe :) Yeah same, they are just lovely :) xo

  5. My fave polishes are blues and greens so I think that one is sooo pretty! I really like the glittery almost lilac models own polish too :) xxx

  6. lovely nail combo, reminds me of a mermaid! I love "Models Own" so much! might be my new fave nail range (don't tell BarryM I said that)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  7. @Daisy - It is just lovely :) Yeah all of the glitter polishes are just to die for xo

    @Faye - Awh never thought of that until you said it ;), ditto I just to love the Barry M ones but they just don't compare no more xo