Friday, 4 November 2011


Emerald Black and Aqua Violet

So I recently purchased these little beauties on, I love the whole collection but was sensible and just bought these two as I thought I would wear them more then the other colours. I bought Emerald Black and Aqua Violet, I love both of these a little to much.

The colours are so intense and the shimmer to them is just gorgeous, perfect for the winter. To go with the gorgeous colours they are also long lasting, I've had it on since Wednesday, and only a couple of little chips on a couple of nails, and this is with no top or bottom coat either.

I will definitely be looking at the rest of the collection when it is back in stock, to maybe be cheeky and get a couple more. 

Have you got your hands on any of the other colours in the collection, what would you say is your favourite?



  1. I love these! Can't wait to get my hands on them. I much prefer the Aqua Violet to the Emerald Black but that's unusual for me. Very wintery, fab choices :) xxx

  2. The aqua violet is definitely on my wish list xx

  3. I keep hearing amazing things about these and can't wait to get them when I'm next shopping!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. @Sarah - Yeah they are gorgeous, really want the rest of the collection now :) xo

    @Frilly-lace-knickers - It's lovely ins't it, I wasn't to sure at first but fell in love with it pretty quick ha xo

    @Faye - Yes deffo get a couple :) so worth the money :) xo

  5. Aqua Violet is gorgeous! I missed out on the single polishes, was after Aqua Violet & Pinky Brown. The colours are so lovely xx

  6. Ah the Aqua Violet polish is so gorgeous I have a similar colour actually :)

  7. I caved in and bought all of them. I got mine from the modelsown website because its free p&p and they have an offer of buy 3 save £3 or buy 5 and save £7!

  8. Your blog is freaking awesome, you really suit a monroe piercing and your dogs are beautiful little things. Love your hair too, aaa jealous xxx

  9. @Sarah - Awh I'm sure they will be in stock again soon :) xo

    @Raz - Oh what one have you got? Sounds interesting :D xo

    @Zoe - Oh that was such a good idea, didn't even think of that lady :) totally jealous though :D xo

    @Jess - Awh thanks babe, that has to be the cutest comment ever :D made my day xo

  10. ohhh the aqua violet one looks lush!