Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dear Diary ...

I have been so naughty recently, as I have just not blogged in so long. I just feel like I have been so busy, and when I've not been busy I have not felt myself. After breaking up from uni last week, I have been non stop designing. I am looking to launch a new line of t-shirts in the beginning of 2012, I am in the middle of sorting out models and photographers, but I would really like to do a shoot around Oxford then one maybe in London. So my focus has been majority on doing this, and my ladies.

Apart from designing I have just been up to the normal stuff, friends, cinema, nights out and shopping. Nothing overly exciting. I have been working a little more too, just to get a little bit more money, and as I am hoping to increase my contract come new year. Other then the boring normal stuff it is of corse the lead up to Christmas. I really can not believe how fast this year has gone, and yes I am another year older come Christmas Day, just a tad depressing.

Hows everyone else's holidays going? All prepared for Christmas?

P.s. Oh also have a question for you lovely ladies, I having problems designing a font on Photoshop, does anyone have any tips? or sites to buy for a brand?


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