Thursday, 8 December 2011

NEC - Clothes Show Live

The one bad thing about this post is I forgot my camera on the day, and dropped my iPhone which resorted in the screen smashing, so was pretty hard to take pictures while I was at the Clothes Show, but I thought you lovely lot might want a nose at want I got my hands on as the show.

The first thing I managed to get my hands on when we got there was some Models Own, we all got a little to excited when we saw there massive stand at the show. The deal they was doing on the day was buy 3 nail varnishes for £10 and receive a free goody bag, I quickly grabbed the colours above, Pink Lady, Black'n'Red and Aciiied. The goody bag was really good that you got free, must be worth over £25 as you can see in the photo above.

My other favourite bargains are the Illamasqua products, they had an amazing offer of any three items for £10, so I picked up a couple of there cream blushes, which normally retail at £16 and a pure pigment too.  I have only really used there lip gloss, which I wasn't really a fan off, so I'm pretty excited to try out these bits.

I also managed to stock up on Carmex, at the beginning of the day they had the offer of 1 for £2 or 2 for £3. But after thinking about it when walking around, I came back they was selling them all off for 2 for a £1, so I got tonnes :).

On the way out of the event after we had watched the catwalk show, which I must say was brilliant, lots of hot topless male models, is there anything bad about that? We all went to a bag stall which we had saw when we first came in, I ended up buying the bag above, which is a small backpack. I had seen some really cute studded ones about on 'WeHeartIt' and Tumblr, so quickly grabbed this one. I then started too stud it last night, unsure whether to add a few more though, or maybe even some spikes.

All in all it was a really nice day, bar smashing the screen on my phone. Got to see lots of great make up,  fashion and accessory brands, and also the gorge Kirk from TOWIE. 

Did anyone else attend the Clothes Show, What did you make of the day?


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  1. every year since like year 10 at school I've said im going to go...never have! next year i MUST. so many bargains! im jealous :( xo