Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas comes but once a year, and so does your Birthday!

Just a little post filling your guys in on my Christmas/Birthday, as a lot of you know my birthday is on christmas day, so I have two things to celebrate at this time of year. I had a lovely Christmas day, had my nan and step granddad over for Christmas dinner, after dinner they stayed for a little bit longer before setting off home leaving us to relax. Spent the rest of the day watching Christmas tv and chilling out with my parents. On boxing day we literally watched the movies we all got for xmas back to back, then today we took the girls out for a little walk. Once back I had a lovely christmas themed bath with some gorgeous Lush goodies and I am now doing some designing for Vibe Clothing. 

Has everyone else had a lovely Christmas? 



  1. awww you spoilt thing! glad you had a nice time :) xo

  2. Thanks baby girl, hope your christmas was lovely, I'm sure we'll have a catch up soon :) xo

  3. double the presents huh! heheh happy belated birthday and merry christmas!

  4. @Iheartme - Awh thanks sugar :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas xo

    @Michelle - Thanks babe :) xo