Friday, 2 December 2011

Long time due!

Yes, I've been so lame for the past couple of weeks. The first week I had a hand in, so was at uni till late and panicking about my work. So this week, being a nice and chilled out one I have just not wanted to do nothing, I just really haven't been motivated to blog at all, I did record two videos, the first one I hated my hair, the second one was to long to upload, so I just gave up on that too. 

So this post is just a few little clips on what I have been up to :)

Hows everyone else week been? 



  1. aw you need to blog more you're on my homepage and all the other blogs change like everyday :(

    glad your hand in went okay though! im dreading my january exams! xxx

  2. Your paintings look so good! I had a pretty rough couple weeks too with tons of midterms, and projects due :(



  3. @Hannah - Awh I know I need to get my butt into gear, just have not been feeling it recently haha :). Yeah it went better then I thought, owh exams sure to suck, hows the revision going? xo

    @Crayola - Awht thanks babe :) yeah this time of year always sucks for education, well unless your under the age of 10 ;) Hope your projects are going good sweetie? xo

  4. Doggie is the cutest thing ever!!! :) X