Sunday, 13 November 2011

Just Another Beauty Box

So after cancelling my subscription to Boudoir Prive last month, it left me a little dosh to subscribe to another one. I had seen a few post floating about on the Feel Unique Beauty Box and after having a nose and a read, I quickly decided to go with it.  

I was really please with my first box, there was just so much in it, and in all honesty, its things I will use. My favourite items are defiantly the sample of Prada - Candy, I just love this perfume, and so nearly bought it last month but held back as I have to many as it is. But it is great to have a little sample to use up now. I also love the Bella Pierre shimmer powder, I got a gorgeous gold/green metallic colour, and can't wait to try it out.

What beauty boxes are you babes signed up to? 



  1. Why didn't i sign up this month! xen-tan!

  2. Awh it was a nice little surprise, I still have one from my Glossybox ages ago, and not used it haha xo

  3. I've never seen a "Feel Unique" beauty box before and I've wanted to subscribe to one for a while and I think this might be the one!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Yeah from what I've seen of them, it seems like they might be the best one. I just really like them as the brands that they use are well known and more of the things people might use :) plus its the cheapest xo

  5. Ohhh this looks great. I'm subscribed to Glossy Box but as soon as the November box arrives I'm going to unsubscribe and get this Beauty Box. After reading loads of reviews I think this is the best!

  6. Im currently subbed to boudoir prive and feelunique, did try out glossybox but wasnt too fond of paying the extra postage fee!

    Loved this months box, especially like the colour of the shimmer powder you got, so pretty and wearable unlike my bright pink one haha.

  7. Wow this box looks fantastic! I wish we had these in Canada, but I'm currently subbed to Glymm and Topbox in Jan.