Monday, 21 November 2011

London Christmas Blogger Meet

Saturday just gone I was lucky enough to attend the London Christmas Blogger Meet, which was kindly organised by the lovely Emma and Laura. It was held in a cute little bar near Piccadilly Circus, so after getting there ridiculously early I had a little wonder around the shops close to the venue, without realising I can not afford anything in the stores. 

Once in the venue we was lead downstairs to a lovely christmas decorated room, in which lots or people started to show up. As we all took a seat I was lucky enough to be surrounded by PujaDaisySusuanaHelen and Amy. When we was settled we had the great privilege of talks from Anna at MaggieAngus, Faye at Wired Jewellery and Sarah from Lush LTD, which I will so a separate post on each of the speakers later this week. Once over we was then handed so many goodies, which made me feel utterly spoiled.

All in all it was a lovely day, and for my first blog meet up I couldn't have been any happier on how well it was, and love meeting some lovely ladies too.

How was your first blog meet up experience? 



  1. AWESOME pics, oh how i LOVE a fisheye!! xx

  2. Loving the fish eye! It was great meeting you! Hope to see you again soon :) xx

  3. Looks like it was fun, well jell. Going to have to get myself along to a blogger meet someday soon :( x

  4. Aww you put my name in
    so jel of your lens great pics! it was such an awesome day, the goodies are making my room smell awesome :) xx

  5. I am oh-so ENVIOUS! It looks like so much fun! <3

    Lost in the Haze