Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The real loves of my life.

Just a random post of my little babes, I have been trying over the last week to get some nice pictures of them, but being puppies they just never stay still. I've got the odd one, but only when they are on there own, and I would love a little cute one of the both of them. But I think thats just going to be impossible. 

Had a really nice evening on Saturday also at my friends Lauren, there was lots of food and fireworks, and some lovely mulled wine. Yum yum yum.

Also are any of you lovely lot attending either the London Blogger Meet or Handpicked Media Social this month? 



  1. Awh! So cute! I am attending the London Blogger Meet :) xx

  2. Brilliant photo with the car in the background x

  3. OMG SO CUTE!! that picture of the pup running near the car is too cute for words!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  4. Aww they are so adorable :)
    Gutted I didn't get to see any fireworks Saturday :( I was busy comforting my shaking dog!xx

  5. @Zoe - Thanks babe, it took a while to even get these ;) xo

    @PaperbackandPostcards - Ohh are you, I'm a little nervous as I won't know anyone, I hope its a good day though :) xo

    @PickandMix - Awh thanks babe xo

    @Faye - Haha I took loads to try and make a gif, but haven't got round to it :) xo

    @Rececca - Awh hope he/she was okay, always a horrible experience for dogs :( xo

    @honeysweetiedarling - Eeee they are in't they xo

  6. Very cute and oh my, what a beautiful car in the background !!

  7. hello, from usa!

    omg, this is one of the cutest puppies i've ever seen! so adorable!

    you take amazing photos. i enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your posts. i am really digging your accent... :) new follower, and hoping to visit again.

    jasmine :)