Thursday, 21 July 2011

Make-Up Academy Mini Haul

A while ago I bought a couple of make-up products from Make Up Academy, I hadn't seen any reviews of there products so I thought I would give them a try. I bought there mouse foundation in medium and their pink blush. This is the first time i've actually tested them, and I am still yet to actually test them out properly. 

The blush was more high pigmented then I thought it would have been and as for the foundation I also feel it has a better substance then I thought it would too. Like I said I am yet to try them out properly but so far they seem like pretty good products for the price that you pay.



  1. I actually havent heard of this brand...where is it available....the blush is really pretty :) x

  2. I bought the products a while ago from Superdrug, I haven't actually seen the brand anywhere else :( xo

  3. I've actually never tried this range but I've been looking for a cheap highly-pigmented blusher for ages now so I might just investigate this further :) xx

  4. Firstly i love all the images on your blog! I've never seen the MUA mouse at all or the blush in packaging like that. I'm guessing they changed the packaging. I love MUA eyeshadows they are superbly pigmented and at only £1 for the singles amazing value for money! xxx

  5. @Kirsty - Yeah the blushes are dead good, specially for how much you pay for it :) xo

    @Katie Lou - Haha I'm so stupid sometimes, didn't realise this could be the old MUA packaging, I feel so silly now. Yeah I've got a few of the eyeshadows I keep meaning to collect some more, I love their lipsticks too. Awh thanks for the compliment too lovely :) xo