Sunday, 24 July 2011

Primark Make-Up Haul

When going in Primark the other day they had a lot of there make-up reduced to just £1 each, as I had never tried any of Primarks's make-up before, I thought it was the ideal time to grab a few bits and see what its like. 

After messing about with the products I found out a couple of them worked really well and a couple didn't. I must say I wasn't impressed with the Blend & Stretch eyeshadows, as they was not very pigmented and also not very soft, so the colour wouldn't blend much at all.

I personal think the Shimmer and Glow and the Little Glow Cheek, worked really well, they are great bronzers both this added shimmer, plus they look pretty too. Also last but not least the GLIT which is a cream based gold eyeshadow. Its a really soft cream so blends across the eyelid perfectly, it also last a long time to and stays in place. 



  1. The gold eye shadow sounds great :) x

  2. Yeah it is really good, specially for a quid :) xo