Sunday, 10 July 2011

So this week I have been major busy, its my second week back on the shop-floor at work, and I must say its bloody tiring going back to full time work after being part time for around 3 years.

As well as working full time, I have been trying to make my first lot of sellable crafts consisting of some framed cross-stitches, cute half aprons and eyemasks. Along with making these bits, I'm also designing some T-shirt/Dress prints for 'Baby, I'm Bored' after revisiting some of the designs I had done for it when I was around 15/16 :).

A couple of the pictures in this post are from last sunday, as I went to Cowley Road Carnival with Craig. Was a really good day and had some really yummy Jerk Chicken at the end of it. There is also a photo of the view from the villa we have rented for when we go to Cyprus in September.

The rest are just little things that I got upto, like sorting out all my photo frames in my room and changing the pictures round, and I also finally got round to backing up my MacBook onto my external hard drive. After thinking about doing it for the past month.


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