Sunday, 17 July 2011

Week in Photos

Like last week this week has also been busy, I must say working full time again is just so tiring, specially dealing with people 24/7 hah. Other then working I really haven't done much this week, been blogging quite a bit and attempting to network a little with fellow bloggers, but it is a lot harder then it sounds.

I have also organised my draws a little as you can see from one o the photos above, I recently bought some draw organisers from a local household shop, and decided to properly organised my undergarments haha, its just looks so cute now all organised, I did try and sort them to colours but I doubt that will last long at all.

Also got a few new nail varnishes which I will show you properly when I get the chance, but I've just been messing about with them, trying to do some new effects/designs for my nails.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)



  1. Can't believe how organised your drawers are, I can safely say mine will never look like that as long as I live lol. xxx

  2. Haha it toook a long time for me to get round to doing it xo