Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Blog, Fresh Start

Since I was 15 I wanted my own design label called 'Baby, I'm Bored' so I have decided to bring that to my personal blog. My old blog 'Goldistrom' really had no relevance to me or my designs.

Yet I still want to use my blog to review make-up and to include personal posts such as what i've done and where I have been. I also want this new blog to include my designs, crafts and university work.

Hope you enjoy the new blog :)


  1. Helloooo dear, I'm really enjoying your blog so far. So here I am, your first follower *waves* haha.

  2. Awhh :) many thanks lovely

    Really like your blog too, had to follow back :) xo

  3. I loving your blog in all honesty. your hauls and reviews are great :)