Thursday, 28 July 2011

Just a 'Juicy Peach'

This is just a little post dedicated to one of my favourite blushes, it's by the brand GOSH and its called 'Juicy Peach' number 41. As you can see it has broken from being in my bag, and I'm desperately trying to keep it together cause I don't want to throw it away. GOSH is one of the best high street brand about in my opinion, the prices are great for the products they sell. I can't wait to purchase more products from GOSH, and I will defiantly be getting more of there natural blushes.

Whats do you think of the GOSH range? Are you as impressed as me?



  1. gosh is amazing. this colour is so gorgeous! Love their new cream blushes as well :) x

  2. After reading this comment I went and bought one of the cream blushes, you was right they are dreamy :D xo