Thursday, 4 August 2011

Little Day Out

Today I met up with my bff Craig, for a little day out to Bicester Village, he come to mine for 1pm and then I drove down to have a nose around the shops. I haven't been since they added aloud of shops like Vivienne Westwood and Juicy Couture. I must say I felt a little let down, they had a few nice bits, but nothing amazing. 

After a nose round we went for a pub lunch and Craig suggested we could go Cowley for a bit. That is where I bought all the bargains above, I got all the Jemma Kidd make up for £6.00, grabbed it straight away as I have wanted to test the brand for ages. My other favourite buys were the two straw floppy hats I bought, as they was only £3.00 each I had to get both of the colours.

And to end the post a sweet text from Craig after he left to go home, :)



  1. I love the hats, and such a good price! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  2. Cute! How did you get that gorgeous heart next to his name on your phone?

    George |

  3. @ Katy - They are in't they, I couldn't believe it when I was them :) xo

    @ George - Awh I downloaded the Enjoi app and you get like a folder of mini pictures, :) xo