Monday, 15 August 2011

What I have been up to!

So in all honesty I totally forgot to do a little summery of my week, and what I have been up to. I didn't really do much in the week as I had work, and that always makes me super sleepy. Then for the weekend I met up with my BFFS Dano and Vic, as I hadn't seen them for a while, and they jetted off to Ireland yesterday for a week, so we had a lovely catch up. Then on Sunday I spent most of my day being lazy and painting some nail sets I got in the post. 

How was everyone else's weekend? Hope you all had fun :D



  1. I love your earrings in the first photo :) xx

  2. That tattoo is amazing!!!


  3. Love the earings! I've been looking for a pair just like that for ages :) xxx

  4. @ Lisahh - Awh thanks lady, I just done a little post on them so you can go grab yourself a pair :) xo

    @ Char - Eeee thanks ;) xo

    @ Ellie - There gorgeous in't they, I done a new post on them so you can go get yourself a pair :) xo