Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Top Ten - Nail Varnishes

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In this post I am showing off my top ten nail varnishes, I have quite a large range so thought doing a top ten would be more interesting the doing a top three or five. I have linked each of them to where you can purchase the nail varnish. 

1. Raspberry by Barry M - It's more of a blood red colour when applied to the nail, but its perfect for a classic night look.

2. 206 by Stargazzer - I love this nude shade, looks so good with any outfit or for any occasion, it also lasts a long time without chipping.

3. Grey by Barry M - A nice deep grey shade, looks gorgeous with a matt top coat.

4. Mint by Rimmel - This colour is gorgeous for the summer, looks lovely with a tan and so versatile.

5. Bright Pink by Barry M - This is possibly my most purchased nail polish, I just can't get enough of this shade :).

6. Cosmic Polish by Eyeko - This nail varnish is just yummy, with its fine multi-coloured glitter running all the way through it, great for creating the perfect cosmic nails.

7. Champagne by Models Own - This is another on I just can't get enough of recently, it comes out a beautiful light gold, and is great to do a leopard print design with. Or even some sexy gold tips.

8. Black Swirl by Models Own - This is my newest addiction to my Models Own collection, and I love it. Its a new look on just the plain black nail varnish, as it has more of an metallic sheen running through it.

9. 265 by Stargazzer - A nice vivid pink which everyone needs in there collection, also looks fabulous with a tan.

10. Pink Glitter by Barry M - I mostly use this one for a top coat, I know glitter nails can be a bit childish (specially pink) but I just love it.

Whats your top nail varnishes? Or even just your most reached for shade?



  1. great post :) barryM is always amazing :)

  2. Thanks sweetie :) I really do agree, even though Models Own is growing on my majorly :) xoxo

  3. i love raspberry and bright pink! ive actually just taken raspberry of my nails!
    i love the pink irridecent as well. so good just to glitter your nails up :)

  4. The rimmel mint is gorgeous, I have the nude stargazer and I think it is my most worn shade x

  5. I think Stargazer nail varnishes are actually pretty good for the price, although so far I only have neon ones! I'm a Barry M and Topshop fiend so far, Barry M's Navy is my absolute fave, but I also have the Raspberry one and that's on pretty often too.