Thursday, 11 August 2011

Updated Storage

As you can see I have gone a little storage mad recently, this is only because a few months ago I decided I wanted some new furniture in my bedroom, seen as the furniture I had was like a million years old. I decided to go with dark woods, to get more of a warm feel, so I purchased all my draws and wardrobes and carried on looking for shelfs and a desk/dressing table.

It was only last week I decided I just needed to sort out my desk, with my make up all about my room, and collecting dust sitting on the side it was getting too much. I decided to just go for this cheap Argos desk, at only £49.99. It's perfect for what I wanted, and much smaller from what I had before so makes my room feel a lot bigger. What I love about this desk is the little draws at the side, as you can see I have bought some metal organisers (from Wilkison) for the draws so I can organise my make up in them, to keep it looking neat. I have also got a cute plastic tumbler from Asda for all my brushes/tweezers/scissors. 

I also got a new bookcase in the dark wood, so I would match with the rest of my room, and even after filling up that and one of my old bookcases which I stained darker, I have yet again ran out of space for my DVD's. So I seriously need some other ideas on how to store them, if anyone has any?

Anyways, I am finally content with how my room looks, the only thing left to buy is a nice comfy chair for my desk, but I'm not in any rush :D

How do you store your make-up? 



  1. This looks so cool, I especially like that you have a space to put things underneath the desk. Plus I'm impressed by the amount of DVDs you have!

    I'm constantly running out of storage space. Sadly being in a uni house I have to put up with a silly canvas wardrobe + a clothes rail, can't wait until I can get a proper wardrobe/chest of drawers and really sort everything out!

  2. I love this! You're very organised! I tend to marvel at other's organisation whilst I stay messy, I can't stay organised! I shove all my make-up in assorted make-up bags, I should sort it out....
    You have a lot of DVD's! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. you have so many dvds :P i love looking at peoples dvd collections :/ i think thats a bit weird but yeah :P
    i have the same desk as you! i got it in black :P part from i dont get the shelves on the side. theyre so annoying to put anything on cos i just knock them off! but i like your idea with baskets! i might have to get some like that :)

  4. woaaah you have loads of dvds!:L


  5. @ Raz - Yeah the desk is great and such a bargain, Awh I bet you can't wait to get shopping for some new furniture when you finish uni :) xo

    @Katy - Awh I really am not that organised, I'm just trying to be, I'm sure this won't last much longer until everything is all over my room ;). Yeah thats what I was like, but I kept finding bits of make-up I forgot I even had. xo

    @Aimeee - Yeah I have a little addiction to buying DVD's, its so bad haha :). Yeah I didn't really know what to put on them shelfs that would fit, found them baskets in the pound shop for three, so handy and fit perfectly :) xo

    @Char - Yeah, a few too many :D xo