Monday, 22 August 2011

All About Nude

I'm always a sucker for getting something free, so when I strolled into Boots the other day I couldn't help but take up 17 on there offer, If you buy any two items you get this lovely 'All About Nude' Palette free, which consists of two eye shadows (top) and top lip stains (bottom). 

I've wanted to get the Photo Flawless Primer for a while, but my local Boots never seems to have it. As for the Shimmer Dust one of the girlies at work wear it rather then a Blush, and it always looks so nice so I instantly grabbed that too. 

The only lethal thing with buying these is that I was given a £5 N.07 voucher, in which it would be rude not to use :).



  1. hahaha so true about those £5 vouchers! always need to spend it :D hehe
    and this palette looks lovely...need to pop into boots now :) x

  2. This looks really pretty, might have to check it out when I go to town tomorrow!

  3. think im going to have to go to boots pronto!xx