Friday, 19 August 2011

Top Four Day-Time Fragrances

A little post about fragrances, I have lots of bottles of perfume, but I'm terrible and normally just stick to the same one. So recently I digged out all or my fragrances and started switching them about everyday to make things a little less boring. While I've been doing this I come across some I'd totally forgot about so decided to do a top four day and a top four night perfume posts.

Ralph Lauren, Romance - This is just lovely, the scent is a lot more floral then I usually wear, but its such a deep intense smell, I just can't get enough of it.

Diesel, Fuel for Life - This one is possibly one of my all time favourite perfumes, its just gorgeous, a very flirty sent.

Paco Rabanne, Black XS - I love this scent, its super fruity and yummy.

Valentino, Rock n Rose - Another one of my top perfumes yet again it is quite a floral and very fresh scent. I really need to pick up another bottle of this beauty.



  1. black xs is one of my favourite perfumes ever (:
    valentino rock and rose has been discontinued though! which is a shame because i loved that one aswell

  2. Yeah its such a gorgeous perfume, so glad I dug it back out. I know its such a shame, you can still get it on certain sites which is great :)


  3. Ralph lauren Romance is one my faves too :)


  4. black xs is a rediculous perfume, i love it lots
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